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Eagle View Equestrian Centre is currently a Private Facility.  Any renters must provide their own insurance.  However, we will continue to host events and clinics via our Riding Club and management.  Please contact Lori to discuss bringing in a clinician or requesting us to host an event.


Horse Board- Stalls Eagle View Equestrian Centre, Williams Lake, BC
Stall Board

We offer short and long term boarding in the 21 stalls adjoining our indoor arena. Each 11'x12' or 12'x12' stall has easy access to water and limited hay storage.  Includes tack locker as available.



$25/night (no shavings)


$75/week (no shavings)


$125/month (no shavings)

Paddock Board

Our many outdoor paddocks, mostly equipped with automatic heated waterers and shelters, are within a stone's throw of any of our two outdoor arenas, round pen and indoor riding arena, as well as a nearly endless trail system.


Small Paddocks With Shelter

$140/month- 1 horse

$200/month- 2 horses sharing

Large Paddocks With Shelter

$200/month- 2 horse minimum

$260/month- 3 horses

Small Pens, No Shelter

$15/night -1 horse

$25/night - 2 horses sharing

$50/week - 1 horse

$100/month- 1 horse

$125/month- 2 horses sharing

Horse Board Options and Extras Eagle View Equestrian Centre, Williams Lake, BC

BOARDERS may add the following items to their monthly amounts:  


$120/month- 1 horse

$160/month- 2 horses

$200/month - 3 horses

Machine/Man Labour

$90/hr ($1.50/minute)

Red Barn Stalls for Tack, Hay, etc.


Arena Barn Tack Stall


Warm Tack Lockers


Hay Storage (covered outdoor)

12x12  $25/month

6x40    $42/month

12x24  $50/month

Board Contract

Club Membership & Riding Fees

Eagle View Equestrian Centre's Horseback Riding Club Williams Lake, BC
Eagle View Equestrian Centre Horses Williams Lake, BC

Joining the Eagle View Riding Club allows riders to enjoy the use of our arenas, round pen AND mountain trail course at a discounted rate. We hold monthly meetings to plan fun events as well as discuss any concerns or new ideas. Each member/family is required to do a minimum amount of volunteer hours and try to attend meetings.  ** VOLUNTEER HOURS ARE MANDATORY.  2022 Membership can be renewed as long as you have fulfilled your 2022 volunteer requirement.


CLUB 2024

Single Membership:

$175 Jan-June or July-Dec   +10 volunteer hrs; 

$300- Full Year  +10 volunteer hrs

Youth Membership:

$100 Jan-June or July-Dec + 10 volunteer hrs;

$175 Full Year + 10 volunteer hrs

Family Membership:

$90- Monthly    +2 volunteer hrs/person 

$275 - Jan-June or July-Dec   +10 volunteer hrs/person

$475- Full Year   +10 volunteer hrs/person

Membership Application


NON-WORKING Membership

If you do not wish to join the Eagle View Riding Club you can enjoy the use our facilities at the rates listed below. Pre-registered non-members are welcome to come out to gymkhanas, clinics and other events.  DROP IN's only with permission $15/ride per person.

$75/month/individual; max. 3 horses per day, $25/horse/month extra horses; Youth Jan-Jun $150, Full year $250.

$125/month/family; $50/month/youth 16 & under; Children 5 and under may ride Free with a parent.  Annual and semi-annual non-working rates also available.  Please enquire.

Riding Lessons

Our resident coach and manager, Lori Rankin, is a licensed, certified and insured Equestrian Canada Western Competition Coach - Speed Events Specialist. 

E.C. Rider Level Training and Testing, as well as mentoring available.

Please contact Lori for more info and availability.  250-392-2584

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